Hey there stranger!

It’s been two years since my last post. I was actually contemplating giving up Running Candid for good. But it was one of the first blogs I started and I feel a bit sentimental.

My fitness level has plateaued as I’ve focused on motherhood and getting motivated.

I’ve had zero motivation to get started in fitness…until the end of 2016!

In November I signed up for my first triathlon in 4 years. OMG!!!

How in the world did that happen? Ok, being pregnant for 9 months and then almost three years of being a mum. Holy cow! Time has flown.

I’m excited to have this awesome little human in my life – time seriously flies when you have kids!

My son is about to turn 3 and I’m finally returning to my love of running and triathlon. I did manage a fun run last year, sporadically training and just staying fit by walking and doing Metafit classes.

So last week, I took the plunge and purchase my first tri shoes. I’ve never ridden with clip ons always just the normal running shoes (shocker, I know!). My reasons, I was scared I’d fall using clip ons. No surprise that first time on the road this morning I fell after losing my balance when I was trying to clip back in. Lesson learnt, glad that it was at the beginning of my ride as it forced me to figure things out for the rest of it. I could have gone back home annoyed but instead I cleaned up the scrapes, put on a bandaid and rode on.

Let’s just I need a shit load more training on the bike. It’s my weakest leg in the tri and I really, really want to improve.

Have you been running? Triathlon-ing? Competing? 

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